Winter fun and a Rosa Reed contest!

I don't know about where you live, but since we couldn't go to Mexico this year, Norm and I are walking on the lake in front of our condo!  Beautiful but cold. We actually ventured out to make a fun, locked-down-in-covid music video, where you'll find me bee-bopping on the ice!  Check it out here:

<<Norm and I enjoyed writing Murder at the Races. It takes place in a much warmer climate 🙂

>>Diego is a possessive roadie!

Getting excited for the next new Rosa Reed book? Check out this new contest ~ Paperback of Murder at the Races, a pair of cute Bobby socks, and $50 cash prize!

Click here to Enter the Contest

Click here to Enter the Contest

What about you? What are you doing to pass the days of covid?

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  1. Thankfully we are in a warmer climate. Most of our state is open, but since my husband has COPD we are VERY careful with where we go and what we do. He is busy editing a movie and adding singing to certain parts for the grandkids and I am the virtual administrator for my daughter’s music schools (Music Together Program) teaching 0 to 5 year olds, tonality, musicality, playing instruments to rhythm and dancing to the rhythms. It is so rewarding and I can watch at time since some of their classes are on Zoom! So in our 70s we do keep busy even in the COVID times! Loved you video!

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