What’s coming this fall + journal entry

September is back to school and back to routine, at least in normal years. 2020 is anything but normal! 

What are you working on this fall?

I've got a lot in the hopper (working hard with my husband and co-writer, Norm) and I hope you'll get excited for more fun escapism.

So, what's coming?

First up, releasing October 29, is Murder and Rock ‘n Roll, set at an early Elvis Presley concert. Norm and I had a lot of fun researching and integrating early rock and roll history into Rosa's next misadventure. You might know that  Norm is a singer-songwriter and used to make his living touring Germany, so this theme was in his wheelhouse. You might even get to hear new fifty-themes music written just for Rosa Reed!

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I know everyone is eager for the next Ginger Gold mystery, Murder in Hyde Park, and it's coming Dec 22, just in time for Christmas! It's not a Christmas story, but set in the summer of 1926 at an outdoor fashion show in Hyde Park.

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I sometimes include IRL (in real life) people in my stories and you'll be in for a treat when the flamboyant Coco Chanel gets entangled in the case.

But to warm you up for Christmas there's another Lady Gold Investigates short story volume coming November 17, just in time for Thanksgiving. You might notice the cover has been updated to a Christmas Edition. Norm and I have worked on the stories, The Case of the Haunted Castle, and The Case of the Christmas Goose, and they're a lot of fun.

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That takes us to the end of the year. Many more books are planned for 2021, but I'll talk more about them in another newsletter.

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