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I missed posting yesterday's Author Tuesday Tip.  Sorry about that. Will get back to tip-sharing next week!

Like many of you I traveled on the long weekend – this year to visit my husband's family and celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary of his parents!


Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Strauss!

photo 5

We passed this copper mine near Ashcroft BC and had to stop for a pic. Looks like the dead sea!

Now that we're home again, I've jumped into Paleo eating. If you don't know what Paleo is, its nickname is Caveman Diet, because it only includes the kinds of foods that were available back before farming, which excludes all grains and dairy. It's becoming a popular eating lifestyle because of the rise of obesity and the rash of autoimmune disorders that have sprouted up over the last couple of decades, many believe, as a result of daily consumption of sugar, bad grains (ie GMO), pesticides, preservatives and processed foods.

My weight falls into the normal range for my height and I'm relatively healthy (I struggle with Asthma, but it's not debilitating. I'm also anemic, but nothing a good iron supplement can't help.) I don't have an autoimmune disease.

So why am I doing this?

Because my daughter does have an autoimmune disease and I want to support her. We're on the 30 day autoimmune reset regime, which is even stricter than the usual Paleo. Today is day 2. (29 more days of no chocolate or wine – I can do this!)

How do I feel so far? Hungry, I admit. In part due to the learning curve involved in finding recipes, getting supplies, and doing the actual cooking. It's far more labor intensive that what I normally do when it comes to cooking (almost nothing.)

But I love my daughter and I'm really hoping diet and nutrition can do what prescription drugs cannot.  We have nothing to lose, and hopefully better health to gain. I will post on some of the recipes I discover that become favorites and let you know how it's going overall.

photo 4

Learning the basics.

photo 3

Ingredients for the daily bone broth.

photo 2

Organic if at all possible.

photo 1

And in season (mostly). Summer is a good time to do this.

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