Two great Mother’s Day book sales and Remembering my Friend

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May 6, 2021

Today (May 6) is my dear friend's birthday. This is the first one in over thirty years where I won't be able to celebrate it with her in person, or give her a call and hear her lovely, joyful voice. But before I tear up (and I'll come back to her), let me tell you about two fantastic book sales you just don't want to miss! 

The authors at  History Mystery Chicks (of which I'm one) have a great Free and .99 sale going on from May 7 - 12.

Join us to celebrate all the special women in your life for the Mother’s Day Friends in Bloom joint reader group giveaway on May 7-14.

cozy historical mystery set in 1930s Boston

Can't wait until tomorrow? Good news! You can grab the first book in the Higgins & Hawke series, Death at the Tavern for .99 today!

Death by Rum Running. . . 

When a man is found dead at the Bell in Hand Tavern on Union Street, pathologist Dr. Haley Higgins and investigative reporter Samantha Hawke are both working the case. They want the same thing ~ to catch a killer. Though they don't exactly trust each other, they'll have to work together if they want to solve this case before becoming the next victims.

Don't see a button? https://smarturl.it/DeathTavern

Back to my friend: I met Donna Petch shortly before I was married in 1987. Her soon-to-be-husband Malcolm and my soon-to-be-husband Norm were college pals. You know how, when you meet some people, that you just click, and you know you're going to be great friends for a long time? That was how I felt when I first met Donna. Over the years we supported each other in our marriages, raising our children and following our career paths. It's fitting to honor her on Mother's Day, because she was a spectacular mother to her three children, and devoted much of her time teaching young mothers of today how to best navigate the rewarding and often challenging journey of motherhood. 

Donna was the best party planner, and so generous in sharing her gifts of organization, beautification, and hospitality ~ her strengths to my weaknesses. She planned a surprise party for me on my 30th and my 40th, and helped me many, many times when it was my turn to host an event, including the recent wedding of our son Joel and his wife Shadi, that took place in our yard. 

I like to think that she was my own special friend, but her heart was so loving, her capacity for compassion so great, and the strength of her faith so real and unfailing, that many people who encountered her in this life felt the same way. Just knowing her was an enormous gift.

She left us all far too soon in November of 2020. Though it was the other big C that took her, my personal pain and grief over her loss makes me empathic to all the many people who lost loved ones over the last year. I hope you are not included in this group, but if you are, my heart and prayers go out to you, that you will (eventually) find peace and be comforted with your memories. 

Miss you so much, Donna. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  1. What a sweet tribute to Donna and to all of the forever friends out there. ❤️ I have one of my own, Elouise. We have been friends since our sophomore year in high school, 1962. I know how special those friendships are and pray that all of the wonderful memories of shared times will wash over you and bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart!!

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