Death on the Tower is now Live!


I'm really excited to present the next book in my spin-off series, Higgins & Hawke.Early reviews are starting to come in for Death on the Tower, and I'm slowly letting out a breath as readers tell me they are loving it. I'm especially thankful to fans of Ginger Gold who've had to wait a lot longer than normal for a Ginger fix - but your wait will soon be over! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy spending time with Haley in her new world of Boston 1931.

The 2nd Higgins & Hawke Mystery makes its debut with more mystery, murder and best of all, Mr. Midnight. Grab a hot drink and curl up with your new favorite feisty heroines Hailey Higgins and Samantha Hawke. 


"A wonderful new series that will keep you reading until the end. I could not put the book down once I started and you won't be able to either. I can't wait to see what is in store for Higgins & Hawke next!" ~ Merry C.


>>> Haley had seen plenty of jumping deaths before, especially during the panic at the end of ’29, but rarely was the deceased female. The thirty-two-stories-high Custom House Tower had an observation deck on the twenty-sixth floor, but it was fenced in with wrought iron, preventing accidental or purposeful falls.

Officer Bell and a number of other police officials Haley recognized were on the scene, including Officer Jack Thompson one of the station’s crime scene photographers.  She and Jack had met shortly after her return to Boston in ’24, she a new intern at the hospital and he a tall, ruggedly good-looking rookie beat cop. They had dated for a few months before calling it quits. They were both too dedicated to their jobs to find enough time to keep a relationship going. They’d remained friends and Haley would always be thankful for Jack’s support when she’d needed it through those early days after her brother Joseph’s murder and her vain effort to find his killer. <<<

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