Tour de Cure & Chelsea Strauss update

July 15, 2022

This blog post is dedicated to those fighting cancer, beating cancer, and to those who lost their fight.

The thing about Cancer is that almost everyone can say they know someone or are that someone who has it. 

The fight to cure cancer has being going on for a very, long time. I've heard about it for my whole adult life and I'm no spring chicken. I watched Terry Fox do his famous run across Canada only to see him forced to give up before he completed his trek, because cancer took his life. 

It can feel really discouraging. However, there HAVE been great advancements in treatments, improvements in quality of life, and even cures for certain types, so the effort to raise funds for research is still worth it. My daughter-in-law Chelsea has osteosarcoma, the same cancer Terry Fox had, only she has a much better chance at beating this disease because of the advancement of medical treatment, and for this I'm very, very grateful. 

If you've been following my blog, then you know the story, but here's a visual recap.


We were so happy for Jordan when he met Chelsea. They are both cheerful, optimistic glass-half-full, loud-talkers, who light up the room to brilliant levels when they walk in. 

Jordan and Chelsea love life and make each other laugh and are perfectly suited for each other. There was no doubt they would fall in love and pursue their happily-ever-after together.



But sometimes life gives you a curveball. Two months before their wedding date, they got the devastating news that the painful lump in Chelsea's left thigh was cancer.

Naturally, there were tears, but these two decided to take the hit on the chin, determined to fight their way to victory. I've never been prouder of my son and his brave new wife.

If you missed the wedding story you can read it HERE. https://www.leestraussbooks.com/it-was-almost-a-hospital-wedding-warning-emotional-post-ahead/


I believe that soon I'll be posting pictures of Chelsea walking again with her hair growing, that beautiful smile on her face, and a long and happy future before her. 

But in the meantime, I'm doing my part to raise funds for Cancer research. On AUGUST 27, I'll be riding a bike with a bunch of other people with TOUR DE CURE. 

Please consider donating. We can make a difference together!

Norm and Lee biking in Vegas

This link will take you to my participant page. Please use for Canadian donations.



US DONATIONS ~ Please use this link:  https://donate.bccancerfoundation.com/site/SPageNavigator/TDC_US_Gift.html

^^IMPORTANT:please fill in participant name and number: Loralee Strauss, 2884025

This will give credit to the total raised, though it might take a couple days to show up.


A BIG thank you in advance!

No book news this week, but stay tuned.


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  1. I’m also biking but for the Great Canadian Cycle Challenge to raise funds
    For childhood cancer research. We ride for the whole month and this year I’m committed to bike 250k and I’ve raised $1200.00 so far. Good luck on your ride and best wishes and sending prayers to Chelsea.

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