This month, I’m doing January.

“This month, I'm doing January. I'm going to get through each day of January.”

I saw this on my Facebook feed somewhere, posted by someone else, and I thought that's exactly how I feel. 

One day at a time, face to the wind, anticipating spring and the hope it represents.

January is generally a time of goal-setting and dream-casting, both of which I annually participate in, and this year is no different though recently some of my goals and dreams have changed.

If you've been following my previous blog you'll already know that our daughter had a near-death experience that brought me and Norm back to Canada from where we were snowbirding in Mexico. It's been a month since then, living in a basement suite kindly provided to us by strangers, with no more than what we brought with us in two backpacks each. You would think it would've been a time with space for reflection, but in fact it's been busier than ever.

The good news is our daughter is recovering from her surgery and she was almost ready to go back to work at an optometry office when she came down with covid! Everyone in the house she lives in got it (two of our sons and our son's fiancee), so it was only a matter of time. Thankfully, she had a relatively mild case, probably because she's triple vaxed, and has nearly recovered from it. It's a huge relief to me because her catching covid and not knowing how she'd do with it was a big worry.

Once we knew that Tasia was home and doing better, real life set in, and I started to think about things like real estate and mortgage rates.

Weird, I know.

Where we live, the price of houses has jumped dramatically and I'm thankful we bought when we did, because we'd be priced out of the market in our city now. It's been in the back of my mind to buy out east where our son Joel and his wife Shadi live (if you are part of my Facebook readers group, you'll recognize those names). I told them to take a look, and long story short, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE.

I definitely didn't see that coming.

It's really quite amazing how we got it in this really tight market, and how fast it happened. Buying a house is a lot of busy work which has kept us digging for paperwork and ID and proof of this and that, but it's exciting to buy a house with Joel and Shadi while we still can. Real estate is on the rise there as well.

Personally, I've been doing far too much sitting. Life balance is important to me, and it's been out of whack for some time. Not only am I lacking exercise, I work too much. This is a hazard for self-employed people. You're responsible for all the balls in the air, and over time, the sky gets hard to see. I've known I was overdoing things for some time. Anyone close to me will tell you that I keep saying I'm going to slow things down, but… you know how it is.

Our family emergency put a highlight on this. I dove into my publishing and writing schedule for 2022, twice, to relax the timeline. Even so, there's still two Rosa Reeds and four Ginger Golds coming this year, plus, if all goes well, a Ginger Christmas novella.

Great segue into book news!

I thought I would be living in Mexico in January where I could post pictures to promote the upcoming Murder at the Fiesta.

Instead of posting pictures like these:

I'm posting pictures like these:

To celebrate Mexican culture found in Murder at the Fiesta I'm giving away a paperback cover of the 9th Rosa Reed mystery, the Mexican Home Kitchen cookbook and $30 cash!

Don't see a button? Click here: https://gleam.io/A0tz3/murder-at-the-fiesta

Don't forget to preorder.  Murder at the Fiesta will automatically show up on your kindle on January 25!

Murder's a bash!

When Rosa Reed attends a birthday party in the spring of 1957, the Mexican fiesta turns deadly. It wasn't how Rosa wanted to celebrate with Detective Miguel Belmonte, nor how she hoped to be introduced to his large complicated family.

Before long, Rosa Reed Investigations is on the case. Can Rosa and Miguel find the murderer before some else dies?

And when will Rosa have time to plan a wedding?

Don't see a button? Click here: https://smarturl.it/RR-Fiesta

Keeping with the Mexican theme, my son Levi adopted a mexican rescue. He's off on a Mexican get-away with his work colleagues, so I'm looking after dog. Norm and I are heading back soon to pick up our RV and drive it back, just in time for Joel and Shadi to come to visit in May. It's be the first time we'll have seen each other in the flesh for two and a half years. That's my biggest 2022 dream: to be together with all my kids again.

Ernie's loving his new life in Canada. He's even getting use to the snow!

How about you?

Have you set goals for 2022? Dreamed dreams? Let me know in the comments.

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