Welcome to the wedding of the year! (Okay, maybe second after Ms Markle’s)

A year and a half ago I sat down to start writing the first Ginger Gold mystery, Murder on the SS Rosa. I knew she and her love interest would eventually get together, but I didn't know anything about what that would look like. What a journey it's been. A year and 7 murder mysteries later, it's happened - Ginger Gold and Basil Reed are to be wed, and you my friend, are invited!

a nice reader review 🙂

Get The Wedding of Ginger & Basil

Wait, you haven't read book 7? Displeased with the "spoiler?" I ask you, did you really think it wasn't going to happen? Of course it was! You can still enjoy their tumultuous journey to the altar - believe me, it hasn't been easy. 

And for those of you who haven't even started reading the series, Book 1 - Murder on the SS Rosa is Free Today on Amazon.com. (Sorry, only the US store can comply, but I've lowered it to .99 everywhere else.)

By the way, did you watch the Royal wedding in May? What did you think of Meghan Markle's dress? I liked the simplicity of the cut. She's so stunning, she doesn't need a flashy dress.

Deeper question: what do you think about her quitting her job, popular lifestyle blog, and her personal charities for her prince?

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