The Importance of Team – in Work and Life

It feels like life is a heady bunch of busyness. I'm hanging onto the handlebars of a bike speeding down the hill of time, with my legs thrown out behind me as I dodge the obstacles that threaten to topple me over in a painful heap.

Okay, that's a bit melodramatic. I'm actually doing well, and very grateful for everything, but that's doesn't mean it hasn't been challenging. 

Mostly, for right now, it's good busyness. We're in the midst of selling and buying a house. If you've ever been there, you'll know how emotionally stressful that can be. I have a great TEAM helping us along: My good friend and brilliant realtor Shawn , Alice my fab bookkeeper/accountant, and Melissa my banker. Without these ladies, we wouldn't be able to pull it off. 

My Work Team is indescribably brilliant. 

I honestly couldn't produce the books I do without these people. My husband Norm, who, for years provide me with much needed moral support, has in the last four been an invaluable partner. He writes, brainstorms, and helps me to keep my head under stress.  My son Joel, who came onboard as my assistant three years ago has performed beyond my expectations. He really does a lot for me and for the readers by managing communication through newsletters and social media and websites. My books sparkle because of my editors Angelika, Robbie and Heather. Honestly, these gals are amazing. 

My Family Team is the best, most important and most rewarding team in my life.

 My kids Joel & Shadi, Levi, Jordan & Chelsea, and Tasia are everything to me, and to each other. During an extremely difficult year we've all pulled together and become stronger and closer as a result. 

Good news update: Tasia's six month driving ban is over! Anyone who has a seizure or heart event, at least where we live, has to refrain from driving for six months for insurance reasons. It's been a long wait to regain autonomy, but Yay! She did it!

Chelsea's latest scans show that the cancer hasn't spread, and the tumor in her leg has shrunk. Surgery is in July, and we'll all be relieved when that is over. Prognosis is good!

Team Cure Chelsea

Let me circle back to the cycling analogy. I'm joining a bunch of other people who love Chelsea and hate cancer. 

I will be riding my bike in a cancer research fundraiser this August, and will be looking of sponsors to raise money. Check out this LINK to learn more.

Use these links if you'd like to help jump start my fundraiser.


US Donations (**please fill in participant name and number **Loralee Strauss, 2884025) https://donate.bccancerfoundation.com/site/SPageNavigator/TDC_US_Gift.html

Team Ginger Gold

Talking about a battle ~ cue cheesy segue here ~ don't miss MURDER AT THE BOXING CLUB

Murder’s a knockout!

Despite her misgivings and general distaste for fighting sports, Mrs. Ginger Reed, also known as Lady Gold, agrees to attend a boxing match to support the cousin of her adopted son, a street fighter who’s quickly risen in the ranks.

But when his opponent, the presumed champion-to-be drops out and then drops dead, Ginger and her husband, Basil, a chief inspector at Scotland Yard, investigate. Was the fighter dead because of sports-betting gone awry? Were London gangs involved? And has an old, but newly present danger returned to threaten the Reed family?

When one of their own falls prey, the gloves come off and the fight becomes personal. Can Ginger and Basil save their family and stop a killer before the towel is thrown in the ring?

Enter for a chance to win cute boxing cat mug, a print copy of Murder at the Boxing Club, and $50 cash prize!

Your Teams.

I'd love to hear about them. Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Your book sounds and looks like a great read! Thank you for sharing about it. Have a great weekend.

  2. My Team is my husband. He had to retire due to health issues, so he drives me to work and cooks dinner most nights. I am blessed.

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