The 1920s was the Bees Knees!

Last April I spent a few days in London researching for the Ginger Gold Mystery series. I came away with a lot of info, photos, and ideas! (And sore legs! There was so much I wanted to see.) The tube system is fantastic and it's easy to cover a lot of ground. You can read more on what I did and discovered in later posts. Today I'd like to touch on the slang of the roaring twenties.

Like every era, the 1920s certainly had its quirks. You are most likely familiar with phrases such as Cat's Pajamas or Bee's Knees but have you heard of a Dingle Dangler? Or a Hen Coup? Here's a short list of slang words and phrases from 1922.

Blushing Violet- A publicity hound.

Canceled Stamp- A wallflower.

Corn Shredder- Young man who dances on a girl’s feet.

Dingle Dangler- One who insists on telephoning.

Dog Kennels- Pair of shoes.

Duck’s Quack- The best thing ever.

Edisoned- Being asked a lot of questions.

Fire Extinguisher- A chaperone.

Hen Coop- A beauty parlor.

Mustard Plaster- Unwelcome guy who sticks around.

Did any of these catch you by surprise? You can read more HERE (link).

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