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Author Tip Tues – Tips #21 Point of View

Since I can't think of a Point of View image, I'm just going to show you the view out my window right now. Yes, I love living here. 🙂 This tip is for beginning writers and it's important that it's

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Author Tip Tuesday – Tip # #20 Protagonist vs Antagonist

In case you don't know, and some people don't and that's okay, Protagonist is a fancy word for Main Character. Harry Potter is a protagonist. Katniss Everdeen is a protagonist. Also referred to as the

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Author Tip Tuesday – Tip #17 It’s All in the Details

Details make the difference. When I make a second, third, fourth, etc pass on my manuscripts, I'm always on the look out on how I can add details to add dimension. Details are what help to keep our characters

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Author Tip Tuesday – Tip #15 The Problem with Pacing

I'm a “tight” writer. I rarely have the problem of having over-written and therefore I don’t have to go back to a bloated manuscript and cut thousands of words. This can be a good thing,

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Author Tip Tuesday – Tip #14 Plots and Subplots

What is plot? For some reason plot is not easily defined, and yet if plot is missing in a book or movie we know it. How? We find ourselves shaking our heads saying, “I don't get it,” and “What is

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Author Tip Tuesday – Tip #13 Think In 45 Degree Angles

In the last tip, Tackling the First Draft, we talked about how putting words on the page is like making clay—creating malleable material that you can later sculpt through revisions. It's not important

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Author Tip Tuesday – Tip #12 Tackling Your First Draft

MAKING CLAY Now that you have the story idea, characters, and you've mapped out the major plot points, it's time to start writing that first draft. To use GINGERBREAD MAN as an example: the story is about

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Author Tip Tuesday – Tip # 11 Character Arc

After I've spent time thinking about my story and loosely pinning scenes onto the three act structure + beat sheet, I try to get a sense just through my imagining, what the main character looks like. I

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