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Author Tip Tuesday – Tip #10 – Theme, Story Question and Logline

I can hear the impatient whimpers: when are we going to get to the actual writing tips of these author tips? Soon, very soon. Taking time to establish these “non-writing” points will pay off

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Author Tip Tuesday – Tip #8
 Climax and Resolution – the End is Near

The climax is the do or die scene. Everything comes to a head and it looks very dismal for our main character. We are left wondering if a happy ending is at all possible (maybe it's not). It's tempting

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Author Tips Tuesday – Scrivener

Last week I made a list of software and websites  that I use all the time as an author/publisher, promising to breakdown how I use each one. The first up is Scrivener. I am a big fan of Scrivener. It's

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Author Tip Tuesday – Crafting Your Best Story, 26 writing tips to get you unstuck

If you don't already know, I write lower YA otherworldly novels as Elle Strauss. A while ago I blogged on writing tips directed at the young adult writer and the writers of young adult books. It's was

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