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3 Lessons Learned on the Road ~ aka: Live the Life you want to Live

We've been on the road now for several weeks and what have I learned? I'm older than I used to be. The things I want and the things I thought I wanted, aren't the same. I'm groovin' with this RV life

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Summer of smoke and books.

Out my window there is smoke. But not as much as yesterday, so I'm grateful for that, and either way, I dare not complain. The global news is a constant reminder to me of how well I have it, and I give

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Designing a Book Cover

One of the great things about owning your own indie publishing company is that you get to control the cover art. I know they say don't judge a book by its cover, but everyone judges a book by its

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Ready to escape your reality? Rosa Reed to the rescue!

Hello, Friends! What crazy times we're living in. How has the current COVID-19 crisis affected you? Norm and I cut our time in Mexico short and have headed home. It's disappointing, but so many are disappointed

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Famous names of the 1950s!

How many 1950s movie stars can you name? From Marlon Brando to Marilyn Monroe, the 50s produced some of the most iconic movie stars of the century.In the 50s Post-war culture, many individuals

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Sneak Peek to New Series!

What’s not to love about 1950s fashion? From Pin Up to Rockabilly there was a style for nearly everyone. Or at least every woman.Kitten heels, capri pants, poodle skirts, and high waisted jeans were

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