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3 Lessons Learned on the Road ~ aka: Live the Life you want to Live

We've been on the road now for several weeks and what have I learned? I'm older than I used to be. The things I want and the things I thought I wanted, aren't the same. I'm groovin' with this RV life

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Do you love Miss Fisher? I almost cried when the series ended.

Are you a fan of the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries TV series? I am. Miss Phryne Fisher brings the perfect combination of wit, family secrets, and of course fashion! I don't know about you, but I almost

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Murder on the SS Rosa is out! Where does Ginger Gold go from here?

When I was searching for my next series idea I decided to combine my two loves: mystery and history. I have a particular interest in the war years and a curiosity that has turned into an obsession of the between war

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