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More Ginger Gold in Print!

Do you love print books? I doDon't get me wrong, reading digital books is super handy but nothing quite replaces the feel of holding a print book in your hand.If you agree, you'll be excited to know that

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Read Ginger Gold in Print!

EDITED DEC 7, 2017 – NEW ANNOUNCEMENTI've partnered with Brown Books to re-release the Ginger Gold Mystery series in paperback in 2018. This means you should find my books in many Barnes & Noble

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New Release + Month in review + Friends of Lee Friday!

OCTOBER has been a busy month, mainly because there was so much to do to get Murder at Feathers & Flair out to market. But, yay! We did it! I say “we” because it was definitely a joint

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Last chance to preorder & enter contest!

I'm counting down the days until the release of Murder at Feathers & Flair. I'm always amazed at how quickly time passes leading up to each new release. Part of the fun is learning new things, like

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