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April 2018 Month in Review

Like most folks who live in the northern hemisphere, I've spent most of April waiting for spring to arrive! I think it's safe to say it finally has. I think! Who knows anymore with all the crazy weather

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Months in Review (February and March 2018)

I missed doing a review for February so this post will review two months. My husband and I spent February in a small beach town on the west coast of Mexico and loved it. We've always talked about becoming

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Month in Review + a fun audio surprise!

 Murder on the SS Rosa is now available in audio!Did you know that I have several more audiobooks available? Click HERE to see the full list.Now on to month and YEAR in review.  December was a quiet

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July 2017 month in review

I have a mini freak out this time of year every year – Summer's half over!  Why is it that summer flies by on the wind and winter seems to last forever? Maybe that's just me, living in the north.

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February 2017 – Month in Review

My husband and I, along with our 22 year old daughter, escaped to Mexico from frosty British Columbia for most of February.  We're exploring what it would be like to snowbird in our future. Most mornings

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