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Author Tip Tuesday – 5 Steps to Writing Quickly

Do you want to write that first draft faster? I developed 5 steps that can get you from idea to publishing in the nick of time. Here's what I do: 1 – STEP SHEET I discovered the step sheet concept

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Author Tip Tuesday – Tip #8
 Climax and Resolution – the End is Near

The climax is the do or die scene. Everything comes to a head and it looks very dismal for our main character. We are left wondering if a happy ending is at all possible (maybe it's not). It's tempting

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Author Tip Tuesday – Tip #4 The Inciting Incident

We touched on the Inciting Incident briefly in Tip #2, The Bones It Hangs On. The Inciting Incident (sometimes called the Catalyst or the Inciting Event) is the trigger that starts the story. It's not

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