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Who is Lady Mallowan and what does she have to do with Mallowan Court?

In Murder on Mallowan Court, the fictional street Ginger Gold lives on in South Kensington, is a nod to the mysterious Lady Mallowan.So, who is Lady Mallowan? Before introducing you to Lady Mallowan,

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Join Us for a Live Concert!

Wishing you a Happy Easter in these uncertain times.Peace and Grace to you and yours. Join Us for a Live Concert!Hello fellow self-isolators!I'm posting a day early to let you know that Norm and I

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Valentine’s Party Today – Join Us!

I've teamed up with talented cozy authors Emily Queen, Shea MacLeod, C. Jane Reid and Beth Byers to host a fun Facebook Party!Hop-on over to Miss W's Book Chat from 2 pm to 6 pm Eastern

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Murder on Fleet Street is Live!

THE 12th GINGER GOLD MYSTERY IS HERE!Murder's a Deadly SecretMrs. Ginger Reed—the former Lady Gold—thought her past was dead and buried, but when the mysterious death of a British secret service agent

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Friends of Lee + Excerpt

Murder’s a Deadly SecretMurder on Fleet Street, the twelfth Ginger Gold Mystery will be released on January 31st. That's just EIGHT DAYS away- wow!Here’s a teaser from Chapter 1.**Note:

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The Secret Service Years… + Journal

The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) is the foreign intelligence service of the United Kingdom. As the name suggests, its role is to protect the UK's national security through covert overseas missions.

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What’s new for 2020 + Journal Entry ~ the war years!

I love January and September for the same reason; it's a time of reflection for what has happened and what is hoped for. 2019 was a comfortably uneventful year. Unlike 2018, which involved moving (bad

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Christmas Wishes & What’s Coming in 2020!

Can you believe that the 1920s are now officially 100 years ago? My grandfather was born in “the twenties” but now I guess we can no longer generalize like that. A brand new generation of people

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