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Author Tip Tuesday – Tip # #20 Protagonist vs Antagonist

In case you don't know, and some people don't and that's okay, Protagonist is a fancy word for Main Character. Harry Potter is a protagonist. Katniss Everdeen is a protagonist. Also referred to as the

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Author Tip Tuesday – Tip #19 Characters Who Have, uh, Character

Why do we sometimes say that a person we know is “quite a character”? You know the type I'm talking about. This person is distinctive, amusing, mystical, humorous, larger than life, etc. In

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Author Tip Tuesday – Tip #15 The Problem with Pacing

I'm a “tight” writer. I rarely have the problem of having over-written and therefore I don’t have to go back to a bloated manuscript and cut thousands of words. This can be a good thing,

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