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Author Tip Tuesday – Tip #15 The Problem with Pacing

I'm a “tight” writer. I rarely have the problem of having over-written and therefore I don’t have to go back to a bloated manuscript and cut thousands of words. This can be a good thing,

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Author Tip Tuesday – Tip #8
 Climax and Resolution – the End is Near

The climax is the do or die scene. Everything comes to a head and it looks very dismal for our main character. We are left wondering if a happy ending is at all possible (maybe it's not). It's tempting

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Author Tips Tuesday – Day 1 of Crafting Your Best Story

I've put together a workshop (and will soon release a workbook) called CRAFTING YOUR BEST STORY 26 Tips to Get You to The End. It's based on a e-book I giveaway for signups to my young adult readers,

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