Slow down. . .

Something deep in side of me is telling me to slow down. Do you feel that some times? Life is just too busy, days moving too fast, and no matter how hard you try, you never get enough done in a day that you need to.

If that's you, I hear you! *waves frantically*

I could go on about all the things that are filling my life, but I don't want to bore you. Suffice to say, YAY! Finally! About this:

We listed it in May and I never dreamed it would take this long. It was a blessing in disguise in the end. It took four months just empty it! This picture is deceiving, but the house is built on a hill and is actually 3 levels. 4500 square feet. We lived here for 11 years with my parents and raised 4 kids – and boy did it show.

The nice people who ended up buying it needed a house just like this at a time just like now. So, by the end of next week I'll be all moved into my new condo, just in time to leave for Germany on the 22nd – whew!

On the publishing front, a lot of exciting things are in the koffer. Murder Aboard the Flying Scotsman is releasing on the 30th – That's book 8!!! It's now up on Amazon for preorder.

I'm busy with my new author and illustrator for the fantastic kids book series my company La Plume Press is publishing. I can't wait to tell you more about that. Soon, I promise!

I'm also planning my new series. Remember when I told you that I was going to write a spin off series featuring Haley Higgins? Well, it's 1930 when we meet her again and she's still searching for the person who killed her brother Joe. In the meantime she keeps busy solving crimes at the tail end of prohibition in Boston. So much more about this series to come. It's called The Higgins & Hawke Mysteries. Think Rizzoli and Isles during the Depression. This series will be offered wide and is already up for preorder on all vendors except Amazon.

Here's a look at the covers. What do you think?

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