Second day of summer – finally and almost

Is it just me, or is summer as a season shrinking? I remember in years past sitting on my deck at the end of April, soaking up the sun and sighing with relief – six months of good weather to look forward to before winter. Now it's June, and I'm checking the weather every day, looking for a sun break.

Did I mention I make a lousy Canadian? I don't like cold or snow, so summer is important to me. I'm afraid it's barely going to get started before I'm bemoaning the fact that it's almost over.

Maybe I'm just getting old. That part is true. I am.

But, today the Sun DID Shine! I spent the morning at the Farmer's market with my friend (who happens to be my editor) Angelika.


(I don't know why this picture shows up sideways – it's upright as I write this.)

After we spent several hours in a french bakery talking about what's going to happen next with Marlow and Sage in Twinkle Little Star, and the over all A Nursery Rhyme Suspense.


(if you're ever in Kelowna, visit http://www.sandrinepastry.com)

Then I ended the afternoon kayaking with my husband.


I believe this is what's called making hay while the sun shines!

The forecast is for rain, but that just means buckling down and writing – also a good thing. Love me some Marlow and Sage 🙂

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