Nursery Rhyme Mysteries

December 27, 2016

In a previous blog post, we discussed quantum mechanics. Sounds intimidating, doesn't it? So much has been written on the topic that I'm still learning myself! While we're on the topic… have you read the Nursery Rhyme Mystery series?

In the NRM series, I explore the idea of multiple universes. The series begins on a college campus where Marlow (a freshman nerd) finds himself entangled in an alternate reality. Only this alternate universe is much more threatening than the one he is accustomed to. 

The Nursery Rhyme Mystery series is a fun read for all ages that combines mystery with a touch of romance. If you love Ginger Gold and gang I think you will enjoy Sage & Marlow too. The full series is currently enrolled in KINDLE UNLIMITED. 


When you're dead wrong.

Sage Farrell regrets missing her chance to be more than friends with Marlow Henry. But being alone and lonely in her sophomore year at Detroit University is the least of her problems. On a dark, quiet forest road something jumps in front of her truck, literally from out of nowhere. It wasn't a deer or elk that she hit, but the beautiful media star Crystal Morrisette.

Marlow and Sage are pulled into yet another unexplainable mystery. Who killed the media star and how did she just appear out of thin air? And how are they going to prove to the police that Sage is innocent of this crime?

There's a madman on campus getting crazier by the day and now his sight is set on Sage and Marlow. They have to put their heart issues aside until they find a way to stop him, because there's no sense falling in love if you're dead.


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  1. I love this series as I love all the series that Lee writes, they are so well written and once you start, you just can’t stop! the Nursery Rhyme series is a real page-turner!

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