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November 10, 2017


I've partnered with Brown Books to re-release the Ginger Gold Mystery series in paperback in 2018. This means you should find my books in many Barnes & Noble and Independent book stores

New release dates:

Books 1-4: March 20, 2018

Book 5: April 17, 2018

Book 6: April 24, 2018

Stay tuned!


Do you love print books? I do!

Don't get me wrong, reading digital books is super handy but nothing quite replaces the feel of holding a print book in your hand.

If you agree, you'll be excited to know that Murder at Feathers & Flair is now available in print!

To celebrate I'm hosting two separate print book giveaways on both AMAZON (LINK) and GOODREADS (LINK). You could win a PRINT copy of Murder at Feathers & Flair.

Grab your PRINT copy of Murder at Feathers & Flair! (Or put it on Santa's list ;))

Did you know that the first three Ginger Gold books are also available in print?







Ps. Stay tuned for exciting news about GINGER GOLD AUDIO coming soon.

Click HERE to listen to a teaser

Have a great day!

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