So, about that scandalous cover . . .

What scandalous cover, you ask? Why, the cover of Murder Aboard the Flying Scotsman, of course!

It’s normal for me to get emails from readers informing me of a typo or an erroneous fact, in fact, I encourage it. It’s important to me to put out the best product possible.

This time I received a couple of strongly worded emails regarding the image on the cover. It’s not the Flying Scotsman! It’s not even a British train – it’s American!

Ps. A huge thank you to all of my readers who have written reviews of Murder Aboard the Flying Scotsman. Every review counts and every author depends on them to find new readers. Your help in getting the word out is so appreciated!! 

"A marvelous continuation of the story of Ginger and Basil - their love, respect, trust of each other. Even while on their honeymoon, however, crime does not take a holiday, and Ginger and Basil are in the middle of untangling the mystery (ies) of the present as well as those of the past."  ~ PMP

Murder Aboard the Flying Scotsman is available exclusively on Amazon. If you don't have a Kindle you can use Amazon's free Reading App.

PS. Congratulations to Cathy S. for winning the 

Murder Aboard the Flying Scotsman Pre-order Giveaway!

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