So, about that scandalous cover . . .

November 7, 2018

What scandalous cover, you ask? Why, the cover of Murder Aboard the Flying Scotsman, of course!

It’s normal for me to get emails from readers informing me of a typo or an erroneous fact, in fact, I encourage it. It’s important to me to put out the best product possible.

This time I received a couple of strongly worded emails regarding the image on the cover. It’s not the Flying Scotsman! It’s not even a British train – it’s American!

Ps. A huge thank you to all of my readers who have written reviews of Murder Aboard the Flying Scotsman. Every review counts and every author depends on them to find new readers. Your help in getting the word out is so appreciated!! 

"A marvelous continuation of the story of Ginger and Basil - their love, respect, trust of each other. Even while on their honeymoon, however, crime does not take a holiday, and Ginger and Basil are in the middle of untangling the mystery (ies) of the present as well as those of the past."  ~ PMP

Murder Aboard the Flying Scotsman is available exclusively on Amazon. If you don't have a Kindle you can use Amazon's free Reading App.

PS. Congratulations to Cathy S. for winning the 

Murder Aboard the Flying Scotsman Pre-order Giveaway!

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  1. I’m willing to be that only a handful of people even knew about the train and only a few would bother to write in about it. This post made me aware of the train’s details but I totally understand copyright infringement. People take that stuff seriously, so you did what was best for you. This is of course, a cozy mystery! In general, what would bother me more would be numerous typo’s and sequential details going out of order.

  2. Oh my gosh, tell them to get over themselves already. Talk about picky for goodness sake. It’s a picture of a train already, how dare they criticize you. One. they are not an author, two, they know nothing about copyright laws and three, when they become the amazing author that you are and write books as great as you do then let them complain to me and leave you to write more great books for us who love your books to read. And four, thank you for choosing an American train, (even if you personally didn’t do the choosing) Nice picture. Can’t wait for the new series, waiting, just waiting. Will you be continuing with the Ginger Gold series also? Just say yes and we will all be happy. Thank you for all the wonderful hours of entertainment that you have given me. Have a blessed day.
    Your fan,

  3. That’s a hilarious thing to complain about!!!! when I read that someone complained about the cover of the Flying Scotsman I’m like ” I can’t believe someone complained about the train looking phallic!!!! (more faces).
    Then I read the rest of it!!!
    Is my face red!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

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