New to the Strauss family ~ Help us name our new RV.

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We've made the RV plunge! I can honestly say, we never thought we'd be RVers. We decided three years ago that we wanted to escape the winters and become snowbirders, with Mexico being our destination of choice. Flying was our preferred mode of transport. We were snowbirds, after all. 🙂

However, over time, we realized we disliked moving about from hotel to hotel, and not having our own stuff. We also met many snowbirds who drove their RVs south, and we were gradually introduced to the world of the RV subculture. We wanted our own bed, our own bathroom, and our beach things with us, so the RV lifestyle started to look more and more appealing. And now, with the health crisis, if feels safer and more secure as well. 

Can you picture us writing Ginger, Rosa and Haley on the road?

Of course, being from Canada, we're making a big assumption that the border will be open by the fall! I'll post our itinerary once we set it and you can follow along. We're going document our journey on youtube, but more on that later!

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Here's where we need your help. It's customary for RVers to give their rigs a name. Norm wants to call it Ginger Gold because we owe a lot to our best gal, but I'm not sure.

What do you think we should name this beauty?

 Let me  know in the comments

PS: It's a 2018 Winnebago Intent 26M. A class A at just 27'10" it's one of the shortest Class A's around. With two slides, it feels very spacious inside. For enthusiasts, you can check out this youtube video.

Are you an RVer? I'd love to hear more!

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  1. Welcome to traveling with your home on wheels. If you have the chance, check out Big Bend National Park. it is on the rio Grande River near Marathon, Texas. My suggestion for a name is The Wandering Writer. Enjoy your home away from home.

  2. Your RV looks like a “Snowball”. Come visit me in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. There are a lot of your fellow Canadians here so you’ll feel right at home. We moved here from Arizona 2 years and LOVE IT!

  3. Norm is right Ginger Gold is a good name but if you want to be more anonymous call her The Lady or Goldmine.
    we have camping booked from Southern Ontario to the Winnipeg border and are currently waiting for approval for travel to the Northwest territories where we will quarantine in our trailer for two weeks in our daughters backyard. Fingers crossed!

  4. Congratulations on an amazing vehicle. Some ideas…. Minnie Winnie A Novel Idea The Bookmobile The Whodunit The Mystery Machine Enjoy!

  5. I owned a Class C RV for years. Traveled cross country some, but mostly competed in Obedience/Performance events at Dog shows with my Australian Terrier throughout Florida and the east coast of the US. Love the idea of naming the RV Scout for all the reasons stated by Connie.

  6. Congratulations. You will love traveling with this. Since this all started with Ginger Gold, I suggest ‘Golden Roads’ for a name for your RV. Sadly our traveling days are over so I will love hearing about your adventures.

  7. Since RVing will be a new adventure, I’d vote for calling your RV Scout, after Ginger’s adopted son. You’ll be scouting out a lot of new territory in it. (And I just really like his name.)

  8. Hi Lee,I have a fiat Doblo campervan conversion parked on my drive that I go away in with my dog over here in the UK.Its a lot smaller than your rv.I bought it three years ago when I retired.I’m looking forward to going away as soon as i have had my second virus jab.

  9. Congratulations! We had an A a little bit large, and we loved it. Had to sell it though after a while, of course it was a 1974 and needed a little work after a while but we loved it for as long as we had it! Ours was named Sheila…don’t know where that name came from it just happened lol. Yours looks like a Gracy to me for some reason. Why are vehicles always name for a female? LOL. Although a male name that came to me just now is Jake, lol

  10. I think I have to go with Norm, and give it a 100% Ginger Gold!
    Have fun. My grandparents had one in the day & it was awesome the freedom you have.

  11. Congratulations! She’s a beauty. We aren’t RVers but used to have a pop up. Now that I work remotely we are taking the plunge and are buying a house at the beach in Florida instead.

    I always thought we’d be RVers one day when we had the pop up, so I have to say I gave this a lot of thought at the time. I think “Past Tents” would be a good name, so that’s my vote. Being a writer, it even gives it a double entendre .

    I wish you great joy and safe travels. Whatever you name her and wherever you go, be sure to take Ginger, Rosa and Haley with you and never stop their stories!!


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