New Release – A honeymoon gone off the rails…

October 30, 2018


The 8th Ginger Gold Mystery makes its debut just in time for cozy reading weather. Grab a hot drink and curl up with your favorite feisty heroine Ginger Gold.

"Loved this latest book! Glorious twists and turns from start to finish keeping you guessing! A real page turner." ~ Anne W. 

Mayhem All Aboard!

One blustery day in October of 1924, newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Basil Reed travel aboard the recently christened Flying Scotsman, a high-speed steam engine train that travels from London to Edinburgh, for their honeymoon. With only one short stop at York, Ginger anticipates time with her new husband will fly by.

She’s wrong. Something terrible has happened in the Royal Mail carriage, which forces the train to stop dead in its tracks. There’s been a death and Chief Inspector Reed has been asked to investigate.

It’s a uniquely disturbing murder and Ginger and Basil are eager to puzzle it out together. What do the first class passengers have to do with the dead man? With another crime shortly discovered, Ginger and Basil soon realize they’re not dealing with a run-of-the-mill killer—they’re dealing with a mastermind who’s not done playing with them yet.


Murder Aboard the Flying Scotsman is available exclusively on Amazon.

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With each new release I'm especially grateful for YOU - my faithful readers!

As a thank you, I'm offering $30 PayPal Cash and a BONUS PRINT EDITION of Murder at St. George's Church to one lucky winner. The contest closes soon so make sure you get your final entries in. New ways to enter have been added!

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