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October 27, 2017

OCTOBER has been a busy month, mainly because there was so much to do to get Murder at Feathers & Flair out to market. But, yay! We did it! I say “we” because it was definitely a joint effort between me, my assistant, Shadi, and editor extraordinaire, Heather Belleguelle.

I also managed to squeeze in a quick holiday to the south of Germany with my husband to a beautiful little island on Lake Constance (known as the Bodensee in German – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Constance). Lake Constance is a large lake that borders Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. It was good to relax and share a few laughs with friends.


The book baby!  


Espionage, intrigue . . . murder . . .

It's 1924 and war widow fashionista Ginger Gold's new Regent Street dress shop, Feathers & Flair, is the talk of the London fashion district attracting aristocrats from Paris to Berlin to Moscow.

Ginger is offered her first job as a private detective when her sister-in-law’s stage actor friend goes missing, and though the dress shop takes most of her time, Ginger takes the case.

But when a Russian grand duchess dies at the shop's official grand opening event, Ginger ignores the missing person to chase a killer. It's a decision she will live to regret.

     Amazon: http://smarturl.it/FeathersFlair-AM

And now onto Friends of Lee Friday… I hope you enjoy these wonderful mysteries! 🙂

Witch Kissed

A kissing curse and a witch with a tricky love life. Join the Thornheart sisters at the Love Cauldron and follow them in this magical adventure.

“…a fast paced cozy paranormal mystery. The story is charming and the characters are great.” 

Old Sarum Witch Cozy Mystery Series Book 1

Get it now for 99 cents!

Office Heretics

An urgent phone call for help from an old college friend, Lacey Silberson, sends Ellie Gooden back to Chicago, where she discovers that Lacey has been killed. It's up to Ellie and her friends to prove that her friend's death was no random street crime, preferably before the angry spirit of the dead woman takes her revenge on everyone — Ellie included.

“One of my Favorite Cozy Mysteries of the Year!”

A Coffee & Crime Mystery Book 2 – A Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series.

Grab it now for 99 cents!


Sherlock Holmes and the Deathly Fog

Who can fight a deathly fog? Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are summoned into the heart of London’s slums by perhaps his strangest client yet. Children are vanishing without a trace, and the only connection is the thick fog which conceals their disappearance.

“…a fun little tale full of interesting characters and a very authentic style.”


  Halloween Sherlock Book 2

A Sherlock Holmes short story

Get it now for 99 cents!

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  1. -Well, you finally made it, now what; perhaps an excursion into the gospel and how it can change a person’s life? You know a book about _how_ you came to become who you are, as written in the Scriptures as a testimony of one’s journey? Is there time for this in this life…personally for all of us to read? Success should be attributed to something beyond simply your strong will and hard work…?
    Cheers to your success in writing.

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