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Are you familiar with Cracker Jacks?

Cracker Jack is a caramel-coated popcorn mix that was invented in Chicago, Illinois in 1896. This delicious molasses flavoured candy was a popular treat due to its sailor-boy logo and catchy slogans such as "Candy-coated popcorn, peanuts and a prize". But what set Cracker Jack apart was its prizes. 

In 1910 the company began putting coupons for small trinkets in the cracker boxes. In 1912 a new campaign focused on children was created, where a small mystery toy was hidden inside each box of cracker jacks. Some of the early toy prizes were baseball cards, rings, and plastic figures such as the one featured above. 

Listen to the song that made the candy famous! - https://youtu.be/q4-gsdLSSQ0

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  1. They were one of my favorite treats as a child in the 50s…
    (and I learned a waltz clog in tapdance class to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” back when I was in 4th grade).

  2. I wish Cracker Jacks still had cool prizes. My mom talks about how thou used to get actual toys, when I was a kid it was down to a sticker, now the last box I bought it’s a scan code to a smartphone game, which I didn’t have at the time. Bring back the fun stuff!

  3. I used to sing that song a lot as a kid.I have no idea why but it had nothing to do with baseball. Lol Thank you for the information!

  4. This is the one memory I have with my grandpa going to a baseball game is the Cracker Jacks!!! Plus I got a toy!!!

  5. I was just teaching my class of refugee adults the song Take me out to the Ball game and of course, had to bring in some Cracker Jacks to “explain.” They loved it.

  6. I love Cracker Jacks, but the prizes these days aren’t great. They should just leave them out!

  7. So interesting! Although I was born in the 70s I am still lucky enough to be part of a generation that got actual small toys instead of the stickers and lick-on tattoos my children got.

  8. Cracker Jacks has such a interesting History, loved reading about it. My favorite treat as a child, and still love cracker Jacks!

  9. Loved these as a kid. Altho by then they no longer included a toy. There was usually a sticker included.

  10. Loved Cracker Jacks. Used to beg my parents for a box and couldn’t wait to find the prize inside. Great memories.

  11. I didn’t know there was a Cracker Jack song! I’m not a big fan of them, because I don’t usually like things with caramel, but my mom was obsessed with eating Cracker Jacks. I would always get the prize though!

  12. Crackerjacks are the absolute best. It was a treat that I got on a job well done on school. Only once in a great while.

  13. Don’t think we had access to this product far up in the land of the geese. I wonder if the prizes ever caused any choking hazards…

  14. Interesting article on Cracker Jack. I knew it was invented in Chicago, but I didn’t realize it dates back to 1896.

  15. -Just a quick note: A True Cracker Jack was ‘
    Cracker Jacks
    A slang term for an enlisted uniform consisting of a top with a flap that hangs from the back of the neck and trousers that are bell bottomed.’
    “Ahoe Matey!!”

  16. Where’s the journal entry? Where do I log in to read it? I’ve yried several times but always get the Cracker Jack story and that’s it. It may be right in front of my nose but I’m having trouble ‍♀️

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