Who stole the Hartigan Colibri lighter?

April 13, 2018

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Strange occurrences have been happening. First, Ginger's late mother's locket goes missing. 

"My mind hurried to pull up a list of possibilities. Mrs. Bakker, the cook; June, the scullery maid; Wendy the parlour maid, even Father’s new chauffeur Mr. James Cuthbert could’ve found his way to my room and picked through my jewelry box. Amongst my other pieces, the locket would appear the least likely to be noticed missing."

Next, Ginger's Father's beloved silver lighter mysteriously disappears. 

"Father bought his silver Colibri kickstart petrol lighter in England. It had a fascinating relief artwork of a family eating dinner next to a brick wall that had a six panelwindow in it. It was unique in these parts, a conversation starter, and a favorite of Father’s belongings. When Father couldn’t find it on his person or in his desk, I entered into the search."

Now a third item is about to be stolen. Stay tuned to find out what the third missing item is and who the culprit is.

*Just a quick caveat: these entries aren't professionally edited. Enjoy!

I find old personal items to be so intriguing, don't you? If we could only hear the stories they could tell. Check out this fun collection of vintage items on my Pinterest board HERE (link).

Murder isn't a walk in the park...

War widow fashionista, Ginger Gold, makes a gruesome discovery while walking her Boston terrier, Boss, through Kensington Gardens. A woman of ill-repute is dead...

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Murder at Kensington Gardens

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  1. I’ve been following Ginger Gold’s Journal and have a password. However I always seem to have difficulty finding the link to the Journal. Thanks!

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