Go to the beach with Ginger Gold!

Are you looking for books to add to your summer reading list? I've been keeping busy working from home to make sure you have plenty to read. 

These novels will add mystery, romance, and adventure to your summer, no matter where you are!

Ginger Gold Cover Reveal

Murder's a Beach!

A family holiday turns deadly at Brighton Beach. When Ginger and Basil and their family check into the Grand Brighton Hotel on a lovely warm day in June of 1926, a shocking discovery upsets their plans to relax in the sun and surf. 
Not only will Ginger not finish her book, she and Basil might not get out alive.

Coming April 28!

​Murder's such a shock!

When Rosa Reed—aka WPC Reed of the Metropolitan Police—and her cousin Gloria decide to spend a fun-filled afternoon in 1956 at the fair on the boardwalk in Santa Bonita, California, they're in for a shocking surprise. After a ride assistant's death by electrocution is determined to be murder, Rosa finds herself entangled once again with her high school sweetheart, Detective Miguel Belmonte. Should she catch the next flight to London before she loses her heart again? Or worse, her life?

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  1. I love the Ginger books and am thrilled there’s a new one coming out. Have also read Ginger’s short stories. I love the characters and the plots, the clothes and the setting.

  2. Love your Ginger Gold books have read them, and look forward to her latest
    Murder on Brighton beach….have also loved reading your Higgins and Hawkes books as….can I ask when their next book will be out?? I look forward to being able to read it….Thank you for such good reads..xx

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad that you are enjoying the Higgins & Hawke series. 🙂 I don’t have another Higgins & Hawke book in the works currently, but I am writing a new Ginger Gold book. You may also be interested in my latest Ginger Gold spin-off, Rosa Reed Mysteries. It’s set in the 1950s!

  3. Love the cover of the new GG! Can’t wait to read it. Just finished listening to St. George’s Church. Loved it!

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