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written by Lee Strauss | Ginger Gold Mysteries

July 23, 2020

I'm so excited to be releasing the 13th Ginger Gold Mystery in just a few days! Early reviewer Kelly Young had this to say about Murder at Brighton Beach: “I really loved this one! I found it very Agatha Christie like.”

Grab your pre-order and to ensure your copy automatically appears on your kindle. I'm listing all the pre-orders for upcoming books in this email for both Ginger Gold and Rosa Reed. Let's get reading!


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Murder's a Beach!

A family holiday turns deadly at Brighton Beach. When Ginger and Basil and their family check into a Brighton Beach hotel on a lovely warm day in June of 1926, a shocking discovery upsets their plans to relax in the sun and surf.
Not only will Ginger not finish her book, she and Basil might not get out alive.



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Murder's a wrap!

Private Investigator Rosa Reed has finally accepted that her girlhood romance with Detective Miguel Belmonte has no hope of being rekindled, but when his actress girlfriend gets embroiled in a murder on her movie set, it's more than a movie schedule that's upsetting. Can Rosa put aside matters of the heart long enough to help Miguel solve the case?

If you love early rock & roll, poodle skirts, clever who-dun-its, a charming cat and an even more charming detective, you're going to love this new series!

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Lady Gold Takes The Case in this 4th volume of Ginger Gold's popular short story mystery series! Join Mrs. Ginger Reed~aka Lady Gold, as she adventures with her husband Basil, her sister-in-law Felicia, and her curious dog Boss, to unravel these puzzling mysteries.



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Murder is a hit!

It's the summer of 1956 and Private Investigator Rosa Reed (former Woman Police Constable from the London Metropolitan Police) attends her first rock and roll concert featuring the young and upcoming music sensation Elvis Presley. The high note goes sour when a press photographer is found dead onstage and Rosa is called in to investigate. When the apparent suicide is deemed to be a murder, she is once again called upon to work side by side with her former flame, Detective Miguel Belmonte. Will Rosa keep her heart in line and find the killer before she has to sing the blues?


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Murder's a fashion faux pas. . .

The summer of 1926 brings high fashion to Hyde Park. Ginger's Regent Street dress shop, Feathers & Flair, is a major sponsor, and when top designer Coco Chanel makes an appearance, the London fashion scene lights up.

Until a model's body is found and Miss Chanel is suspected of murder. The fashion icon hires Lady Gold Investigates to clear her name, but can Ginger discover the murderer before becoming a dead mannequin herself?


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Murder is a wreck!

Rosa Reed attends a charity stock car race in Santa Bonita and expects to have exhilarating time shared with family and friends. That ends when a driver inexplicably crashes into a guard rail and dies. When local assistant medical examiner, Dr. Larry Rayburn determines the death is suspicious, Rosa once again finds herself working with the handsome Detective Miguel Belmonte in an awkward and uncomfortable alliance to solve the murder.


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Murder’s a pain in the aria!

When a distant relative of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is killed during an opera performance at the Royal Albert Hall, Ginger and Basil are there to take the case. One dead royal is one too many, but can the killer be stopped before the final curtain falls?



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    1. Hi Jenny,

      I love Higgins & Hawke too, but, the series didn’t really “take off” and from a business perspective it makes more sense for me to focus my time and energy on Ginger and Rosa. However, if I saw a real interest I could be persuaded to write another in the future. Q4U: what do you think of the covers? I’ve played with the idea of changing them to be more in line with what the Ginger and Rosa covers look like. IE: with character illustration.

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