Murder on Eaton Square is Here

If you've been looking forward to Murder on Eaton Square this is your opportunity to catch up on the series. The first SIX Ginger Gold Mysteries e-books are on SALE on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk!

Murder on the SS Rosa is free! This is the perfect time to introduce your book-loving friends to the series. 🙂

Ps. Did you know that you can lend your e-books from Amazon to your friends? 

Murder’s Bad Karma. . .

Life couldn’t be better on Eaton Square Gardens where the most prestigious families lived, until one of their own dies and it’s murder.

Ginger and Basil are on the case, but it’s not a simple glass of bubbly fizz. The more the clues present themselves, the trickier the puzzle gets, and Ginger feels she’s on a wild goose chase.

But as someone close to the victim so aptly quips, “One shouldn’t commit murder. It’s bad karma.”

Reaping what one sows is hardly a great cup of tea.

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