An apology, an announcement, and a BIG Mother’s Day multi-author sale!

written by Lee Strauss | Ginger Gold Mysteries

May 9, 2019


Remember when I started Ginger Gold's Journal and said I'd put out a new journal entry every couple of weeks? Yeah, I know. I've kind of fallen down on that one, BUT, I'm here to say I'm pulling up my bootstraps and gettin' ‘er done! There's SO much Ginger story to tell prior to her boarding the SS Rosa in 1923, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you. So, sorry for the delay, but the Journal is back with Ginger's musing about her wedding to Daniel, Lord Gold.


I'm working hard on Ginger's 9th book, Murder at the Boat Club, and I'm realizing that I've forgotten a lot of details along the way, especially since I took six months away from her world to write Haley's new story.  I decided I needed to read everything again from the beginning, including the Journal, and had the idea that maybe some of my readers would like to join me. I did a poll (Join my Readers' Group to see it here) and yes, many of them wanted in. 

This is my announcement: GINGER GOLD'S BOOK CLUB is a thing! In the club members can talk freely about the books, ask me any question, give advice, ask about my writing process, my personal life, tell me things they find interesting. Anything goes. Spoilers are allowed.   I'll also do fun flash giveaways and monthly swag giveaways and other fun stuff. Joining is easy, but you have to be a member of my Facebook Readers' Group to get in.


I'm hosting a multi-author, cozy mystery Mother's Day sale on my website. Great reads for FREE, .99 and 1.99. The first Ginger Gold Box set is free for the weekend too, so a great time to jump in if you haven't already. Let the reading ladies in your life know about the deal too.

My father and husband are cooking for my mother and me with hopefully one of my children in attendance. What about you? Do you have anything special planned? (Besides reading, of course )

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    1. Hello Allie,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to notify us. We have corrected this error.

      Best wishes,


  1. My mother lives in an independent living facility with home health aids coming a couple of times a week when I am not there. But she now has advancing dementia. For Mother’s Day her dining hall makes a nice brunch and we are going there to be with her and celebrate for the day.

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