Months in Review (February and March 2018)

I missed doing a review for February so this post will review two months.

My husband and I spent February in a small beach town on the west coast of Mexico and loved it. We've always talked about becoming snowbirds one day (snowbirds is a Canadian term for people who go to warmer climates for the winter), and now seems to be the day! We've already booked for three months next year and can't wait to go back.We had to work while we were there of course, but happily, we both have jobs that we can take with us. I wrapped up book 6 in the Ginger Gold Mystery series and started work on book 7 which will release sometime end of May or early June.

It was hard to leave that beach for snow, but poor weather helps me to buckle down and work since I'm not so easily distracted. March saw the release of Murder at Kensington Gardens and the prerelease of Murder at St. George's Church.

Also, we saw the release of Murder at Bray Manor on audio. I absolutely love what the narrator, Elizabeth Klett, does with the accents. Go check out the sample!

And, we set up Ginger Gold's paperback shop on my webpage, so if you've been waiting for print, have a look!

Wedding plans are starting to come together for my son, Joel Strauss and his fiancée, Shadi, aka the best PA evah! They're getting married in our yard, so we've got a few things to do to get the yard and house into shape before their guests arrive for the big event this July.

My husband and I also entered into a new business partnership which I'm really, really excited about, but can't quite let you in on yet, so stay tuned! (hint: it has to do with children's books).

So that's February and March in a nutshell.

How is your spring going?

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend with family and friends. I'm so excited that my daughter is coming home! 🙂




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  1. Just finished book 5 and trying to de ide how to get 6 and 7!
    I read most while on a long cruise recently. I like to read books in order. Ginger Gold reminds me of Miss Fisher on TV series. Same time frame but set In Australia.

  2. I am now on my fourth Ginger Gold mystery in less than a week I cannot put them down really enjoying them xx

  3. Sounds like you had a super winter. I am new to Ginger Gold just read Murder on th SS Rosa. Am saving next for my vacation in2 wks. Glad to know you are on Audible. Will check them out soon. Thanks for sharing your family with us.

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