Month in Review and Black Friday

I heard an ad on the radio while driving through my Canadian city for Black Weekend sales. Not Black Friday, but Black Weekend. Black Friday's not even a Canadian holiday/tradition, but commercialism seems to have no borders these days.

It's reminiscent of a truly Canadian shopping holiday called Boxing Day, the day after Christmas. Boxing refers, not to the sport, but to boxes. When customers would return their gifts to the stores after Christmas, the merchants tempted them to re-spend that money in their store by offering deals that couldn't be resisted. Now, instead of Boxing Day, it's Boxing Week.

Perhaps Boxing Day/Weekend/Week will show up in US stores soon.

I do hope a lot of books are purchased!


November in review: well, we got a ton of snow, so I put up my Christmas tree, and then it melted.

It's my first artificial tree in years, ordered it online, and love it. Came decorated with lights, pinecones, and berries.

I returned from Germany after five weeks away and spent a week or so in foggy jetlag. It's always good to be home. My husband and I have been travelling to Germany for long stints twice a year for the last five years. We decided to cut it back to once in the fall next year, so that is a change in our rhythm. We also decided that he's going to start working part-time for my company La Plume Press, and I'm very excited for him to come on board. He'll be heading up the audio and print departments (exciting news about this coming in 2018) and some admin work.

This is also the first time I've come home to no kids in the house. Our youngest moved out in August, so it's a big quiet. Winnie does her best to make up for it. She loves to talk.

I can't believe December and Christmas is already upon us. Are you ready for Christmas?




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