Do you love Miss Fisher? I almost cried when the series ended.

Are you a fan of the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries TV series? I am. Miss Phryne Fisher brings the perfect combination of wit, family secrets, and of course fashion! I don't know about you, but I almost cried when the series ended. Essie Davis captured the essence of the character from Kerry Greenwood's popular series expertly.

No more 1920s fashion, flair and bright young things? I couldn't accept that that was the end, so I did what I knew I had to do — wrote my own 1920s cozy mystery series!

The Ginger Gold Mystery series is the result of that decision. Ginger shares many of Phyrne's attributes. She's clever, compassionate, and a seeker of justice. And like Miss Fisher, Lady Gold fearlessly embraces modern times and insists on being a modern, independent woman.

There's also a handsome inspector who's just out of reach.

But there are differences too. Ginger Gold has been married. Her personal loss and lingering grief is her widowhood. She's more conservative than Phryne and doesn't share in Miss Fisher's hedonistic adventures. Ginger is British but was raised in America. She has a title through marriage and is a Lady in both senses of the word. Ginger Gold has many unusual skills attributed to working for the secret service during the Great War, a period of time she tries desperately to put behind her, but circumstances always seem to dredge it up.


If you are missing out on Miss Fishers' spunky attitude and fabulous 1920's attire, then the Ginger Gold Mysteries may be the perfect cure for you! Check out what readers are saying.

“This is just what I needed after watching the final episode of Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries TV series. This book series has me tingling all over again wondering if the heroine and the hero will ever confess to themselves or to each other that they have a shared attraction to each other.”

“This series is going to be one of my favorites. Couldn't put it down until I finished it. It ranks right up there with Agatha Christie and Nigio Marsh.”

I highly recommend this book especially if you are a fan of the Sherlock Holmes type murder mysteries!”

“A fascinating introduction to a character that will rival Miss Fisher in the cozy genre set in the period between world wars.”

“For fans of Murder She Wrote, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and just general cozy mysteries. Definitely give this a read. You won't be disappointed.”

Ginger Gold has also been compared to Dorothy Sayers and Miss Marple! Does Ginger Gold remind you of another series or book you've read?

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