March Month in Review – New Release news and Cover Reveal!

March 31, 2017

March for me has been a busy month getting the Ginger Gold Mystery Series ready to launch. Murder on the SS Rosa is completed and will soon be available for reviewers. If you want to be part of my review crew, join my FB readers group for the link.

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Here's a teaser (#1) from Murder on the SS Rosa – Ginger and Haley (her companion and friend) dine with the captain and his wife.

>>> A waiter took their drink order and when he returned Ginger accepted her glass of fine French wine with relish.

“Even though we’re no longer in the states, I can’t help but feel guilty.” She cast a slight glance over her shoulder and giggled. “I half expect a federal prohibition agent to arrest me any minute!”

“You are quite safe,” Captain Walsh said with a smile. “This vessel is under the command of His Royal Highness who, on occasion, happens to enjoy a drink or two.”

Ginger sipped daintily as she allowed the fruity sensation to tingle her mouth before swallowing. She sighed with contentment.

Mrs. Walsh attempted to pick up her glass, but the captain moved it out of reach. “Not for you. You know what happens when you drink too much.” Mrs. Walsh’s lips pursed in anger, but she stayed silent.

Ginger and Haley shared a look. If the captain was watching out for his wife, he certainly wasn’t subtle. Ginger could feel the heat of Mrs. Walsh’s embarrassment reach her from across the table.<<<

I also started the next bookMurder at Hartigan House. I'm really enjoying this one. I think it helps that I already know the characters and have a good research foundation from my work on Rosa.

Once again my cover guy, Steven Novak, hit it out of the park with the cover. I love it!


There’s a skeleton in the attic! Quite literally.

After a weeklong passage over the Atlantic from Boston to Liverpool, Ginger Gold arrives at her childhood home—Hartigan House—to find decade-old remains from some poor woman hanging from a noose. Ginger’s Boston terrier, Boss, noses out a missing phalange from under the cot.

It’s a mystery that once again puts Ginger alongside the handsome Chief Inspector Basil Reed. Who is the victim? And how did she end up in Ginger’s home?

Clues lead Ginger and her good friend Haley Higgins to a fundraising gala hosted in 1913 by Ginger’s late father, George Hartigan. A shadow of suspicion is cast on her father’s legacy, and Ginger isn’t so sure she wants to know the truth about the man she dearly loved.

Ginger decides to host another gala, inviting the guest list from ten years previous. Before the night is over, another person is dead.

The preorder price for both books is .99 – Prices will go up after release. These books will eventually be Amazon only, so preorders are a way for you to get the books if you don't read on a kindle.

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This series will go on Kindle Unlimited after launch.

I'm also packing and cleaning and getting ready to leave for a two month stint to Germany. I need to review my 10 Tips on Avoiding Travel Trauma! The PDF is available in the footer of the front page of my website.

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  1. Can’t wait to read it!
    Also, love the Boston Terrier….I have my 2nd, Bandit. My brother has 3. Adorable breed.
    Prayers for safe travels!

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