Remembering Little Richard + Freebie!

This week we’re remembering Little Richard. His legacy is well worth noting and has been even more present on my mind as I’ve been researching the 1950s for 3rd Rosa Reed Mystery, Murder at the Bomb Shelter. Click here, or on the video below to watch a live performance of Long Tall Sally - Tutti Frutti.

Starting with Tutti Frutti in 1956, Little Richard’s music made an indelible mark on the music world and pop culture. Although his years of producing chart-topping hits were short-lived, many of the original pop icons such as Bob Dylan and the Beatles attribute much of their formative influence to Little Richard. Among his many nicknames, Little Richard was dubbed (and often referred to himself) as "The Architect of Rock and Roll." He was known for his flamboyant style, energetic stage presence, and lengthy careers as both a musician and minister. 

Did you listen to Little Richard’s music? Who are your favorite music icons from the 1950s?


Murder's a blast!

Rosa Reed's holiday with the Forester Family in Santa Bonita has turned into an extended stay, and Rosa decides to make use of her Metropolitan Police training and sets up a private investigative business ~ just like her mother! But she finds she's not the only one who keeps business in the family, and when one of the members of the prestigious Gainer family is found dead in his bomb shelter, Rosa is invited to take on the case ~ much to Detective Miguel Belmonte's chagrin. If Rosa doesn't find the killer soon, the summer of  '56 just might be her last.

1920s cozy mysteries book cover new release lee strauss

Murder's a Beach!

A family holiday turns deadly at Brighton Beach. When Ginger and Basil and their family check into the Grand Brighton Hotel on a lovely warm day in June of 1926, a shocking discovery upsets their plans to relax in the sun and surf. 
Not only will Ginger not finish her book, she and Basil might not get out alive.

1920s cozy mysteries book cover new release lee strauss

Almost sixteen-year-old Casey Donovan just wants to survive high school ~ uncontrollable trips to the 19th century do NOT help, especially when you accidentally take the cutest boy in the school back in time!

Casey Donovan’s hair is too curly, her limbs too long, and she barely fills an A cup. She can throw a ball as well as any boy, but for reasons she wouldn’t dare share, she never tries out for any team. Casey nurses a secret crush on the unattainable Nate Mackenzie. 

lee strauss fiction young adult

Nate Mackenzie, super jock and quarterback at Cambridge High, hadn’t even heard of Casey Donovan until the night of the Fall Dance. That was when his buddies dared him to ask her to dance. That was when the craziness started.

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