Life’s a Beach and Book News

We've settled back into our life in Mexico, feeling more than ever that this is where we're meant to live in the winter. Our little Mexican community really came around us during our family medical emergency (as did our Canadian community), driving home how much we, as people, need each other. 

^^ Here I'm catching a whale show. Sorry, they're shy and not in the pic. 

We're still working a lot, so not on the beach as much as we'd like, but still more than if we were in cold Canada! Fitting in time to play pickleball and go on bike rides with friends.

Norm and I and our friend Victor also did a benefit concert to raise money for a local charity and it went really well. A lot of fun, and a good chunk of change raised for a good cause.

Are you ready for the release of MURDER AT THE SAVOY coming March 29?  The history of the Savoy in London is very interesting and I'll talk more about that later (probably in a newsletter, so be sure to sign up for that), but one specific fun fact is Kasper the Cat. Superstition has it that 13 places at the table is unlucky, so it's Kasper's job to be the 14th member of the party. You'll see him represented in the contest prizes!

Don't forget to preorder Murder at the Savoy(link) so it can automatically show up on your kindle as a nice surprise. 

The Ginger Gold Mysteries is at book 18! 

Do you need to catch up? 

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Happy reading, and see you on the beach (maybe)! 

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