Life happens when you’re making other plans

April 22, 2022


Write more Ginger Gold books. Plan a beautiful wedding and happy family gathering. Celebrate birthdays, especially our daughter's (you'll know why if you've been following my blog-link), and enjoy the summer doing all the summer stuff.


Writing Ginger Gold books through tumultuous and distracting times. Planning a wedding (in two weeks!) while the bride goes through chemo, the father of the groom gets covid, and the groom's job ends. Along with the promise of beach times and family dinners there will be multiple trips to the hospital, drives to Vancouver (5 hours over a mountain pass), a complicated surgery to replace a femur, and other uncertainties.

sometimes life is hard, even when it's good

I won't lie and say it's been easy. It hasn't. But our difficulties aren't insurmountable. We have awesome friends and family support. One of Chelsea's friends set up a Go Fund Me for them. I know there are a lot of campaigns like this going on all the time, but if you feel a nudge to give to this one, it would be so appreciated. Every little bit helps. Click the link to learn more about their story. 


In book news ~ PREORDERS!  Click on the covers for more info. So excited to bring you more Ginger Gold and Rosa Reed stories.

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