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The Plan

January 15, 1917(From Murder in Belgravia) The meeting in Maubeuge at an old farmhouse outside of a French village near the front took place in the early evening. The location, although behind enemy

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September 13, 1916I actually had a bit of free time today, a very rare occurrence indeed, so I arranged to meet Nurse Haley Higgins over lunch. We’d met last summer when I delivered a wounded French

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Dangerous Mission

August 19, 1916As usual, I’m carefully using my own code system to record my life as an operative. A year has past and I find that I have almost settled into a kind of normalcy. It never ceases to amaze

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June 14, 1916 Yesterday I was summoned to a farm on the outskirts of a village just inside the border of Belgium near Passchendeale. Members of the French and Belgium spy network had stolen a German

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May 18, 1916

Baby ~Just when I thought I had done and seen just about everything imaginable as a secret service operative, yesterday, life threw me another surprise yesterday.I’d been visiting a farm on the outskirts

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