Journal news, the birthday boy, and plans for this blog.

I fully intend to write more on this blog as time goes on, but I confess that I don't feel like I have a lot to talk about besides work. Canada is lagging in vaccination rollout and so we're still social distancing and spending a lot of time at home. Norm and I play pickleball twice a week, but with covid, we're only allow to play with each other. Good thing we get along so well! We work, play and live together 24/7.

I'm thankful that we got our little (not so little) Diego last year. He's brought us a lot of amusement and much needed diversion. He turned one this week, so not a kitten anymore. Quite oblivious to the momentous occasion.

We promised him that he'd be an adventure cat, which, again due to you know what, we haven't come through with our end of the bargain. However, this is changing. We've started taking him for walks to the park, and we've ordered e-bikes! Stay tuned for more on that in the future.

In book news, Murder at the Races, A Rosa Reed Mystery #6, released this week, and the birthday boy, once again makes a fictional appearance.

Next up is Murder at the Royal Albert Hall, A Ginger Gold Mystery #5 coming the end of March. I'm excited to release this one, as we get a good inside look at what made bristly Ambrosia, bristly Ambrosia. I'll be posting an excerpt soon. In the meantime, you can PREORDER HERE.

Normally, this time of year, Norm and I would be snowbirding somewhere in Mexico. We don't like cold, but got off pretty easy this year with a mild winter. And Kelowna is lovely anytime of year with many spectacular hiking areas. I'll post more about our hiking/biking/travel adventures in the future as well.

With another Ginger Gold Mystery on the way, I'll be posting more Journal Entries. Originally, this was a perk just for my newsletter, but since I've reduced the number of emails going out per month, I'll be posting some journal entries here as well. Here's the latest!


February 27, 1916


The bombardment started on the morning of the 21st at precisely 7:12 am with a shell landing on the cathedral in Verdun.

The whole hotel building where I stayed in a room on the second floor shook mightily, causing my window to shatter inwardly, spraying glass all over. 

I shrieked loudly as I dove under my bed covers. The next salvo came only moments later, landing on the main train station. Since then it has been an almost constant bombardment of the city with fire crews hopelessly overwhelmed and the town’s inhabitants scrambling for any form of protection from the massive German guns, which I’m told are about twenty miles away. 

It’s very hard to describe the awful, teeth rattling sound of those guns. It’s as if gigantic marching drums were being played by some ancient, angry war god gleefully pounding out his hellish cadence.  


If you have trouble getting in, the password is GOLDMINE.


What about you? What are you looking forward to doing this year?


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  1. Hi Lee,I’m looking forward to being able to go and visit somewhere with my dog in my campervan,when lockdown is over .

    1. Norm and I want to get an RV in a couple of years and do a long trek down the west coast into Mexico – with our cat!

  2. I so enjoy the Ginger Gold mystery series! When I want a good read, I curl up in my favor chair in my sunroom and lose myself in the whodunit. Never disappointed! Love the characters, the settings, Ginger’s styles, etc. You are an awesome author.

  3. I just finished the Higgins and Hawke series and I wish there were more!!! I’m going to start on the Ginger Gold series tomorrow 🙂

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