Journal + Excerpt from Book #10!

The tenth Ginger Gold Mystery, Murder on Eaton Square, will be released on August 20th. That's less than two weeks away – wow! To celebrate I'm giving away a PAPERBACK EDITION plus a $50 Paypal cash bonus. Good luck!

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Have you heard of Eaton Square? It’s a prestigious residential square in Belgravia, one of London’s most expensive districts. Built between 1825 to 1835, Eaton Square has a long history dating back over 200 years and housed famous actors and politicians. The square surrounds six private gardens, each belonging to large six-story homes. Although most of these original homes have since been divided into apartments, the building's historic exterior has been kept intact.

In 1920 the Belgian government purchased one of the homes to serve as the Belgian Embassy. Another house, 112 Eaton Square, holds an even more intriguing history. It was where the plot was constructed to oust Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain so that he could be replaced by Winston Churchill. Churchill is said to have used the home as a secret headquarters.

Here’s a teaser from Chapter #1 

>>> Mrs. Ginger Reed, alias Lady Gold, had reserved a box at the London Playhouse Theatre for her family, who now, mingling with anticipation and glasses of champagne in hand, waited for the signal that the production of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet was about to begin.

“I never grow tired of living in London!” Felicia Gold said. Felicia, Ginger’s exuberant and très modern former sister-in-law, was the sister of Ginger’s late husband, Daniel, Lord Gold, and what Ginger’s American counterparts would now, in the year 1925, call a super-flapper. Indeed, Felicia looked the epitome of the icon in a beaded, sleeveless frock with a lantern fringe that barely landed mid-shin. Her glossy auburn bob was pressed down with a glittering headband to which a large feather was attached. “My darling, Ginger,” Felicia went on. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for rescuing me from dull country living!” <<<



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