It’s been a while ~ and what I’ve been reading.

I remember a time when I used to blog about this fun thing and that exciting opportunity ~ I think that was back in 2019! Lol. We've all been on a wild ride since then, in one form another. This has been a particularly trying year for me and my family, and the hits don't seem to stop.  But, instead of getting into that, I want to take time to remember what I can be thankful for. Just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend!


Business-wise, it's been a pretty good year, and I'm excited about the next two Ginger Gold Mystery books I'm working on. Murder in France is coming in November, and Murder at Yuletide is releasing in January. (I know, a little late for the holidays, but see the above re: crazy year!)

My daughter is doing a lot better, which I'm really thankful for. She'll be attending an awards ceremony in December that will honor her friend who saved her life, but more on that, then. If you missed the story, you can read about it HERE.

My daughter-in-law Chelsea had her last chemo infusion this week! It's been a long, hard road for this beautiful soul, but there's light.

We're all so glad that she'll be able to focus solely on physio soon, and can get that revised leg functioning properly.

I'm thankful for all the books available to read and I've read quite a few good ones this summer.

Here are three books I recommend.

A BRAZEN CURIOSITY by Lynn Messina was a happy find. Miss Beatrice Hyde-Clare isn't your standard Regency mystery heroine. Her brilliance is mixed with a quirky naivety and spending time with her is a delight. This is the first in eleven books currently available on Amazon.

A BEAUTIFUL POISON by Lydia Kang has a more serious tone than the Messina books. Set in New York during the Spanish Influenza, a clever poisoner is on the loose. The author's skill at pulling the reader into that world, and the different social classes involved, is evident. This stand alone book is available on Amazon.

THE DEAD OF FALSE CREEK by fellow Canadian Sarah M Stephen is a surprising mix of contemporary and historical fiction. This dose of magical realism is a pleasant escape, and I enjoyed learning a bit of history set in my home province of British Columbia. Available on Amazon

And yes, I do notice the trend in cover design, now that they're set up together.  

Let me circle back to the two new Ginger Gold books available on preorder.

On Preorder:

Murder in France reintroduces the lovely medical student, Miss Haley Higgins.

Murder at Yuletide takes us back to Pippins misadventures during the war years. 

What about you? Have you read any good books this summer?

Let me know in the comments. 

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  1. The Chronicles of St Mary’s by Jodi Taylor. It’s a delightful series about time travel. The author’s style reminds me of Janet Evanovitch’s Stephanie Plum series.

  2. I love all the Ginger Gold Mysteries! While waiting for “Murder in France”, I read “Secrets of a Charmed Life” by Susan Meissner. I really loved it!
    This is one of the quotes that spoke to me, “A happy life is not made up of what you have dreamed of, chased after, and achieved, but rather whom you’ve poured your life into, who poured their life into yours, and the difference you’ve made in the lives of others. Most of the dreams we pursue don’t have intrinsic worth, but people always do.”
    And another, “When you are called upon to survive, that is what you do.”

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