I need your help! + Excerpt

written by Lee Strauss | Ginger Gold Mysteries

October 10, 2019

Are you wondering why I put my Ginger Gold Christmas novella in a boxed set that is selling for just .99?

I have a confession to make: I'm hoping to make the USA Today list! This is something I can't do on my own with Ginger Gold because I've got the series in Kindle Unlimited. I know a lot of readers appreciate this, but it means I can never qualify for a list. (To qualify a book has to be offered for sale on more than one vendor.)

Will you help me to make USA Today? Grab this cozy Christmas bundle at .99 and if you know of anyone who'd love this deal, make sure to let them know too.


Excerpt from Chapter 1

>>> The journal remained tucked away in the bottom drawer of Mrs. Ginger Reed’s bedside table, along with a photo of her first husband, Daniel, Lord Gold. 

From under carefully folded silk scarves Ginger lifted out the items, then sat on the edge of the large four-poster bed she shared with her new husband, Chief Inspector Basil Reed. And Boss. Her pet had jumped up and stretched out at the foot of the bed. He panted a doggy smile, then closed his large brown eyes and promptly started snoring. Ginger chuckled. “Oh, Bossy. Life is so easy for you.”

She stared at the sepia and white image of the handsome soldier. Though she loved Basil with all of her heart, Daniel had been her first. His death, one of thousands during the Great War, had shattered her. The loss was tremendous, and the burden of guilt she felt was at times suffocating. <<<

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  1. I pre-ordered it, I did it actually before, because I love to support authors, especially YOU as long as I am able.

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