How to be Happy when the World is on Fire ~ Praying for Ukraine

written by Lee Strauss | Ginger Gold Mysteries, Ukraine, World events

March 4, 2022

Like most of the world, I've been glued to my newsfeed, watching in horror as these horrific events unfold in Europe. How could such a thing happen in the twenty-first century? Why are there still madmen in power on the earth?

Honestly, this is a hard blog to write. My heart aches for those in Ukraine getting trampled by a neighboring bully. How helpless the citizens must feel, fleeing for their lives, burdened with fear over the lives of their children ~ especially sons of a certain age they have to leave behind ~ and of their husbands and fathers, sisters and brothers who stay to fight.

Imagine, if you will, the American army lining up tankers and troops along the Canadian border. We have a larger land mass, but our population is less than that of Ukraine. Worse, we're spread out over a 200 km wide ribbon that runs from east to west. If American troops headed for Montreal or Toronto or Vancouver ~ invading our sovereign and democratic nation ~ how would we feel? What would we do? Would I take my daughter and parents and flee (to where?) and leave my husband and three sons behind to fight what is surely a David and Goliath battle? Would I plead with the world to help?

The whole idea is unfathomable and insane. And yet, this exact thing is happening right now as I type this. There's enough terror potential available on social media, that I don't need to go through it here.

A huge field of sunflowers during a beautiful sunset.

It is in darkness that light shines the brightest.

Where NATO was once questioned for its purpose and necessity, we see that democratic countries absolutely do need each other and our allies are invaluable. Where we were once obsessed with inconsequential inconveniences, we are reminded of what truly matters. What true Freedom is. When lie upon lie upon lie makes an honest person confused over what is true, what is right, the TRUTH finally does shine forth and become obvious to all.

When men with black hearts and nefarious intentions rise up, braver men stand taller. *I'm looking at you, President Zelenzky* Courage takes the form of unarmed civilians standing together in unison, blocking the invading convoy.

So how do find happiness when the world is on fire?

"It is more blessed to give than to receive."

An ancient proverb, but true. To shake off the blues, do something for someone else. Give up your seat to someone older or weaker than you. Shovel your neighbor's driveway or mow their lawn. Buy a grocery gift card for a family in need.

Give to organizations that are bringing care and resources to Ukraine. 

Shameless plug here: Norm and I have been involved with a humanitarian organization that does work in Romania for 24 years. Hope for the Nations - Romania is run by our good and long-time friends, Mark and Coreen Biech.

Help for Ukraine

We are focusing on the UKRAINIAN REFUGEE CRISIS for the foreseeable future offering medical help, medicines, food, clothing, pampers, and social counselling for those fleeing to Romania and The Republic of Moldova from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Recent pic from time spent together in Mexico

Over 1 million people have been displaced and are fleeing for their lives. Our organization has been working diligently to obtain the necessary approval to support the relief efforts in Romania and The Republic of Moldova. If you would like to help in this regard, please consider donating. Tax receipts are available.

Hope for the Nations - Canada

 is matching donations and so your DONATION IS DOUBLED!

Click on the DONATE BUTTON and/or share this post. It would be much appreciated.

Don't see a button? Here is the direct link: https://www.newhorizonromania.com/donate

Whew! Now that you've done that, don't you feel better? You deserve a break.

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