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written by Lee Strauss | cool stuff, Cozy Mystery, Indie Publishing, poll

August 25, 2017


I'm promoting Murder on the SS Rosa on Bookbub. I need my readers' input on which ad images you find most appealing. Please look through the following images and answer the short poll (it's only 2 questions!) Feel free to leave a comment letting me know why you like or dislike the images. Thanks!








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  1. I felt B was mysterious with the shadow pictures in the background – also the color gave it a nostalgic feel. I like D for the boat theme but the color was far too stark so there was no feeling of mystery or story – maybe soften the colors or some other form to replicate the boat and water. This is another reason B was a first choice for me. It just held more mystery and nostalgia feeling for your book.
    Thank you for allowing your readers to have a voice. Very fun!

    1. I suppose A is more of the combination of B and D but something was annoying about it. I think it is the very RED banner at the bottom. Maybe if it was more Aqua to blend with the rest more of us may have found it nearly as appealing as B as it has that ‘ocean’ flair without being so bold as D.
      Hope that is helpful!!

  2. If people like dogs, they will wish they could take their dog with them like Ginger does and if these are cozy mysteries I think having a cup of coffee while reading denotes a cozy read! They were that kind of read for me. I have only read the first two so far.

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