Hello 2022. I’m hanging on by my fingernails + What’s coming next.

written by Lee Strauss | Ginger Gold Mysteries

January 7, 2022

Hello 2022. I'm hanging on by my fingernails.

Last year, I wrote a post titled Hello 2021, I'm cautiously optimistic to meet you

Now that it's over, I can say it's been a heck of a ride.

It started with us moving our then 26-yr old daughter from Vancouver to Kelowna, our home town, into a house that she shares with two of her brothers and a future daughter-in-law. We wouldn't learn until the end of the year just how incredibly important that move was.

Mostly, 2021 was the year of climate disasters in our province–a dystopian-like heat dome, a multitude of destructive fires and extreme flooding with mudslides and highway outages. We were fortunate that none of it impacted us directly, except that we had to cancel yet another chance to visit with our oldest son Joel and his wife Shadi.

Happily, we purchased an RV and made our first (and last) road trip south to Mexico. As adventurous as the journey was, we realized we like the destination better.

We had lovely plans to spend Christmas with our daughter on the beach in Mexico, but covid put an end to that dream and we canceled her flight.

Then, I got the early morning call that had Norm and I racing back to Canada where we are now, our RV abandoned. If you missed the Facebook posts about our daughter's near-death experience you can read about it here.

She's a cyborg now, but alive and that's the best Christmas present we could've asked for in this situation. We have to rethink a few of our plans going forward, but we're learning to take one day at a time.

Life goes on, and so does a person's need to work. I'm so thankful for a job my husband and I can take anywhere and that earns even while we're distracted with a major health crisis or spending a lot more time in the hospital than we'd like.

Read on for book news ~ plenty is planned for 2022 and I'm excited for what's to come. Don't forget to enter the fun Murder at the Fiesta contest!We're ending this year exhausted but hopeful. Wishing you all health and happiness for 2022!



We're excited about a four-book B-story arc for the upcoming Ginger Gold releases starting with Murder at the Savoy.

Ginger and Basil have met their nemesis match! 


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Murder's frightfully unlucky!

Mrs. Ginger Reed, known also as Lady Gold, settles into homelife with her husband Chief Inspector Basil Reed, son Scout and newborn daughter Rosa, but when an opportunity to join a dinner party at the renown Savoy Hotel if offered, she's eager to engage in a carefree night with friends. Some of the guests are troubled when their party's number lands at unlucky thirteen, as death is sure to come to the first person who leaves the table.

Thankfully, the Savoy has an answer to this superstitious dilemma. A small statue of a black cat fondly known as Kaspar is given the empty seat, rounding the number to fourteen.

Unfortunately, in this instance Kaspar didn't fulfil his duties and a murder is committed. The case is tricky and complicated by a recent escape of a prisoner who has a bone to pick with Basil. Are the two seemingly unrelated incidents connected?

Ginger and Basil work together to solve one while avoiding the other, and what can they do about the black cat who crossed their path?

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Murder's a spectacle!

When Ginger Reed ~ aka Lady Gold ~ and Basil Reed’s son Scout runs away to join the circus, it’s not all fun and games. As a disgruntled teen unhappy at boarding school, Scout intends to work with his cousin Marvin, newly discharged from the navy, as an animal caretaker.

The big top event pleases the crowds, but when a performer dies under suspicious circumstances, Scout finds himself in real, three ring trouble

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*Stay tuned for more to come!*


Coming January 25th!  

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Murder's a bash!

When Rosa Reed attends a birthday party in the spring of 1957, the Mexican fiesta turns deadly. It wasn't how Rosa wanted to celebrate with Detective Miguel Belmonte, nor how she hoped to be introduced to his large complicated family.

Before long, Rosa Reed Investigations is on the case. Can Rosa and Miguel find the murderer before some else dies?

And when will Rosa have time to plan a wedding?

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Seeing double is murder!

If one wedding is good, a double wedding is better! Rosa and Miguel agree that walking down the aisle with Bill and Carlotta solves a lot of social and familial problems, but the drama is notched up when a dead body arrives with dessert!

Don’t miss this final installment of a Rosa Reed Mystery series where Rosa finally gets her happily ever after.

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