Happy New Years! + new journal entry!

Just a short note to wish you the best year in 2018! May you and your loved ones prosper and be at peace. 🙂

I'm so excited that you're joining me on my authorly journey. I have many great adventures planned for the Ginger Gold Mystery series, so stay tuned and join the ride!

First up in 2018 is Murder at the Mortuary releasing January 22. I can't believe we're already at book 5 in the series! Plans are set for audio for all the books and don't be surprised to find paperback versions in your local B&N in 2018!


Gingers Journal cover
collage family pictures from the 1920s


Daniel, Lord Gold spent a portion of each day visiting 6685 Beacon Street. I was amused, Father was hopeful, Sally was annoyed—“is he to be with us every day? He might as well move in—” and little Louisa was enamored. 

For those of you who are enjoying the Ginger Gold Mystery Series, I've set up something pretty exciting for my newsletter subscribers (not a subscriber yet? Sign up here) ~ a private page dedicated to Ginger's Journal!

This is a fluid document that will record Ginger's life pre SS Rosa (1912-1923), from her romance and marriage to Daniel Gold to her life in the British Secret service, and beyond. I'll be adding to the document every few weeks and will let you know through email. 

Not sure where to find the latest journal entry? If you're already subscribed to my newsletter you can access the journal in my latest newsletter sent on Tuesday, Jan 2nd - titled "Happy New Years!!! + A new journal entry!"

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Check out Murder on the SS Rosa in audio!

I'm super stoked about Ginger Gold in audio. The series has a lot of international characters and my fab narrator, Elizabeth Klett, nails them. So fun! 

Murder on the SS Rosa


Enter to win signed PRINT copies of the first four Ginger Gold Mystery books. I'm also throwing in $50 PayPal cash. Be sure to share with your friends. 🙂 Good luck!

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